What is the ZEGG-Forum?

The ZEGG-FORUM is a ritualized form of transparent communication for larger groups. One person, “the presenter” steps into the middle of the circle of the group and acts. It is like an existential stage, which includes the whole person with his/her physical and verbal expressions, his mind, his creativity and his feelings. It is much more than a technique. ZEGG-Forum is a culture building process based on world views of high human and ethical values.

ZEGG-Forum is a deep and intimate process for groups with up to 50 participants. The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true. It creates a space of trust and openness between people. Participants experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness themselves. In many social circumstances “being observed through the eyes of the other becomes the death of my possibilities”. The Forum overcomes this difficulty. In this supportive environment the eyes of the others cease to be the death of my possibilities and serve as generators for healing, growth and empowerment. I can experience that I can be fully protected whilst exposing my deep vulnerability, that my greatest protection is my greatest opening as I am accepted and supported by others.

Forum creates greater mutual understanding through contacting this inner and outer journey. On this journey we will of course also meet our encapsulated pains in the shadow. If we stay present we will be able to feel the feelings involved and move on strengthened.

ZEGG-Forum helps you uncover your shadow and integrate unconscious thoughts and emotions, so you can become more healthy and whole. The process supports all involved to go beyond politeness and beyond the common games of hiding and disguise. A person connected with her or his inner truth, no matter how wounded, is always beautiful and the process will create love. "Seeing deeply is loving" is usually one experience of the Forum.

for more information, see: http://www.zegg-forum.org/index_en.phtml